Which data is getting compressed ?

As soon as you get connected to iZone Cloud Bandwidth Optimization service it starts compressing your downloaded data over http protocol from the minute you activate your device. Compression includes:


  • File compression
  • PDF optimization
  • CSS/JavaScripts minification
  • Image processing and compression
  • Flash (swf) optimization
  • On-the-Fly Video compression
  • Audio / Video savings: up to 90%
  • Video Stream pacing


iZone Cloud Also will optimize Web Browsing and Web Mail (including attachments and PDF in addition to Web Download (lossless compression only).


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    مناحي صصص


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    my account is valid till march 11 2017 but not working why

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    iZone Telecom Support Agent

    iZone on new Mac OS is still not supported, Apple has changed many things which needs to be supported by our application. This may take some time as we are waiting some updates from apple to move forward...

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    بو صادق

    اشتريت المنتج ماهي خطوات تفعيل الخدمه

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