I have a valid license and i cant activate it after i formatted my PC

If you have formatted your PC or MAC, you will not be able to activate the izone cloud software again unless you remove the old device license.


Steps needed to reactivate the software again after doing a format.


  1. login online to your account. click here to login.
  2. from the main screen, select the active device then click on remove device icon.
  3. Once the device is removed from your izone cloud profile, you can activate the software again on your new formatted device. you need to provide your izone cloud credentials to activate the software again.


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    i have problem in the program is not working what can i do

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    abdallah alzahouf

    i have problem in the program is not working
    what to do ?

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    iZone Telecom Support Agent

    You need to remove the license from the old device then the license will become available to get activate the new formatted system.

    You can manage that online on

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